Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 2


Srirangam Namperumal Kudhirai vahanam


Amalanadhipiran day 1

Amalanadipiran contains the essence of Vedantham. Pranavam is described as the dhanush(bow) and the atma as the arrow and the target is Parabrahman. Amalan is the starting word of the first pasuram . The dhathu(root word) is A and a prefix or suffix has to be added to it. Avathi is the dhathu and means samrakshanam(total protection). Mokshapradhatvam (confering moksham) is His priority and He alone has the capacity to confer moksham For the bestower of moksham giving ayus (long life), bhogham (enjoyments) and artham (wealth) is automatic.

Aadhi means Primordial. He is Sarvakaranatvam (The Cause). He makes Brahma to create but He is the actual creator. When a potter makes a clay pot three things are needed-raw material-clay, which is the upadana kaaranam, secondly we need a potter’s wheel which is known as sahakari kaaranam and a potter who has the know-how to make a pot and he is the nimittha kaaranam. Perumal exists as all three-He is upadana, nimittha and sahakari karanam. Heyaprathyanikyam(absence of bad qualities) and Kalyanagunapurnatvam(full of good qualities) are like chattra (umbrella) and chamaram(whisk fan made of fine deer hair). These are vishesha chinnams (unique signs) for the King of Creation. Next word used is Piran. Piran means parama upakarakan (the Biggest Helper). Swami Desika in His “upakara sangraham” lists the upakarams He does for us. He has given us a human body with thinking capacity. He has given us a good family lineage who are followers of illustrous acharya parampara. He has given us the discerning power to seek saranagathi. All this has been possible only because of His Kataksham(divine grace). Above all He comes down as Archa(divyamangalamurthis in temples) and captivates us. Chandogya upanaishad talk of a man sitting in a place under which there is a mound of treasure but he suffers for a morsel of food as he is not aware of what is underground. Likewise Perumal resides inside us as Antaryami but we are unaware of this so He comes as Archa and comes in various alamkarams to our very doorstep. He gives us a taste for the satvik and makes the jeevan who has done prappathi enter the murdanya naadi when he has to shed his mortal coils and takes him across various lokams to SriVaikuntam and makes the jeevatma sit on His lap. He expects nothing in return,infact after doing so much Perumal and Piratti feel they have not done enough for us. The biggest upakaram is understanding that we are His dasas (servants) and also the dasas of Bhaghavathas. This is indicated by the word “adiyaar”. An adiyaar understands the supremacy of Perumal better than devathantharams (gods). The person who understands that Brahman cannot be understood is the one who knows Brahman. In Bhaghavad Geetha Perumal declares four categories of men as udhaaras- Aarthi, Arthaarthi, Jignasu and Gnani.Among the four the gnani is My soul declares Krishna.. This sounds like a contradiction for He is Paramatma and we are His shariram(body). Atma is the life giving element and is full of knowledge. Since gnanis are a rare species Perumal calls them His soul.

Writeup & Photography : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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  1. Sri U.Ve. Laxmikumar Tatachariar shows that he is an accomplished ubhaya vedantin. The ease with which he shifts between both the vedas, Tamil and Sanskrit is remarkable. A true acolyte of HH Paravakottai Andavan. Kodos! Bravo!


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