Sirupuliyur Sri Krupasamudra Perumal Temple Panguni Uthiram Utsavam


Sirupuliyur Krupasamudra Perumal Serthi UtsavamOn  April 3rd  2015 ; Jaya Varusha Panguni Uthiram; Panguni Uthiram Utsavam took place grandly at Sirupuliyur Sri Krupasamudra Perumal Temple .On this occasion in the morning Sri Krupasamudra perumal and Thayar  had Thirumanjanam and in the evening Thirukalyana utsavam followed by asthanam.Lot of astikas took part in Panguni Uthiram Utsavam  and had the blessing of Divyadampatis .

These are the photos taken in the morning during the occasion…

Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(6)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(3)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(2)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(1)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(6)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(4)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(5)Sirupuliyur _ Krupasamudra Perumal(7)

Courtesy:Prasath Kaliyaperumal


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