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Thiruvali Kalyana utsavam 2015

We were visiting Annankoil at the invitation of our friend Sri Venkatramani and Hema who have moved to this place to be in the lap of nature surrounded by Vishnu temples all around. On the afternoon of April 2nd 2015 they took us for kalyanautsavam at Tiruvali at about 2.30p.m. We went ahead of time in order to get space to sit down .As we waited Perumal Kalyana Ranganathan and Amruthakadavalli Thayar came to the kalyana mandapam in their wedding finery. The kuthuvillaku was lit and the kalasham (silver pot with mango leaves at top and a coconut placed in the centre) was garlanded.  Upacharams were offered to the Divya Dampathis. A small silver chatram (umbrella), silver mirror, chamaram, visiri (hand fan), dhoopam, deepam and naivedhyam were offered.

Perumal stood in His yellow mappilai veshti and Thayar in meroon silk in readiness for the wedding rituals. Washing(touching) the Feet with milk was done three times to Perumal, three times to Thayar by three priests. Devotees (sponsors) came bearing their fruits and flower offerings on their heads. Exchange of garlands took place followed by pidi sutthal (coloured rice balls are waved in a clockwise direction and thrown in four directions). Meanwhile bricks were being laid with kolams for lighting the agni (sacrificial fire). Puja for the kalasham was done, kankana dharanam (tying of yellow thread around the wrist) was done for the Divine Groom and Bride. Then the priests loudly announced the gothram and names of the Groom’s father and grandfather and then the Bride’s lineage was announced. Purusha sooktham was chanted by the goshti followed by Sri sooktham. Perumal and Thayar were covered with rose and jasmine garlands. Tirumangalyadharanam took place while the nadhaswaram played “Anandam Anandam”. If one took time to notice the faces of those assembled there was ‘anandam’ on every face. It was time to roll coconuts to the recital of “Varanamayiram” and with akshatai collected on a spread silk shawl the wedding came to a close.

Lakshmi kalyana Vaibhoghame!

(Celestial wedding at Thiruvali Tirunagari)

Writeup & Video :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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