Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 6


Tirupati Balaji with his consorts

Amalanadhipiran day 6

Swami continued with second pasuram on15.3.2015, by saying that Trivikramavatharam revealed His Sarvaswamithvam (He is everyone’s Master). He is attractive to bhakthas and enemies too. His skilled archery is  such that He always is  the winner. He is a combination of two opposites-Shakthi (Strength) and Krupa(Mercy). The  All-Powerful resident of Srivaikuntam comes down to Srirangam surrounded by high rampart walls to be accessible to all. Nityasuris happily descend even as stavaram (non-living) in Srirangam. The Master of the universe lies down like a mountain of green emerald wearing His Peetambaram(yellow silk garment) with a red silk around His waist. His Tirumeni is so soft that it gets bruised by the softest of clothes. Tiruppanazhwar whose eyes first fell on His Feet refuses to look at anything else and his mind can think of only Him.

Swami then moved to the third pasuram of Amalanadipiraan which starts with makaram

“Mandi paay”. The first pasuram begins with Akaram , the second with Ukaram and the third with Makaram. Makaram denotes jeevatma “.Mandi paay” means monkeys jumping to and fro. Tirumalai is home to so many monkeys which keep the pilgrims alert and careful. Our minds are fickle and keep wandering all the time. The mind dwells on small pleasures without realizing what is purushaartham. Tirumalai is situated at the northern most tip of South India. Sukabrahma in Srimadh Bhaghavatham predicts the coming of Azhwars in Agastyadesham on the banks of Tamraparni, Krithamala, Payasvini , Kaveri etc. So Kaliyugavaradan stood on the holy hills of Tiruvengadam. It was Adisesha who became the Holy Hills. The Hills have all the qualities of Perumal and have the power of burning our papams.The celestials descend to worship Him and the earthly beings climb up to reach Him.But Perumal becomes even more easier in the island of Srirangam where there are no hills to climb. Compared to Paramapadam Tirumalai can be reached but simpler still is SriRanga darshanam. Here Adiseshan is pratyaksham(manifest). Adiseshan is the epitome of strength and knowledge . Adiseshan is fragrant, soft and cool.  Yet He has dasatvam (servient) which has given him the name Seshan itself.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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