Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 8


Sri Namperumal Purappadu 2015

The fourth pasuram begins with” sadura ma madil suzh ” which means  fortified well on all sides. The reference is to Ravana’s Lanka which was protected well on all sides, the ocean itself was a natural barrier, then there were hills and the the actual forts.Chatura also means clever  and refers to Ravana’s strengths, the high rising forts, the strong shoulders which lifted Mount Kailasa with ease and his well trained military strength.Yet SriRama with a single arow felled all ten heads. The ten heads represent our ten indhiriyas and our mind is a rakshasan. Our atma is robbed and Hanuman is the acharyan who redeems .Even though Perumal in Srivaikuntam is surrounded by nityas and mukthas His thoughts are with us baddhas and He gets happy when a jeevatma reaches paramapadam through bhakthi or prappathi. He would have been happy if Ravana had given back Seetha to Him. Seetha Herself advises Ravana to befriend Rama if he wished to live, Vibhishana, Malyavan, Akampana, Hanuman, Angadha ,Mareecha and his own wife Mandodari advise  him to return Seetha but he listens to none and gets killed. Talking of Rama’s killing of Ravana Bhattar in Athimanusastavam asks” Rama if You were a mere human being how did You send Jatayu to moksham? How did You threaten to dry up the ocean?” Again How did He cut off all ten heads of the mighty Ravana with a single arrow?

Writeup & Video :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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