Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 10


THiruppan Azhwar purappadu uraiyur

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 5

Ubha.Ve. Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar(Pudukkotai Vasudevan)took up Pasuram-5 of Amalanadipiran on 11/4/2015. The first three pasurams contain pranavartham and the 4th deals with nama: shabdham. Whenever the devas are in trouble they approach Sriman Narayana.They are all His dasas . All chetanas are His dasas. In life dasatvatham(subservience) comes because of a reason. A son is subservient to his his father because he is responsible for his existence. A shisya has dasatvam to his guru because he is the giver of gnanam(knowledge) and a servant is subservient to his master because he gives him a livelihood.But subservience to Perumal is a natural occurence. Sarvagnan Shiva states that he also is a dasan of Sriman Narayana. Nama shabdam shows saranagathi and means Adiyen lives only for Narayana. Even those who thought themselves swamis like Brahma and Shiva tremble at times and seek His help. All 33 crores of devathas turn to Him when troubled. He alone has no confusion and is Supreme. He has Tiru(Lakshmi) and is Paravastu. He is The Past, Present and Future.and exisists as Antaryami in each one of us. He is however not affected by the doshams of our shariram(body).There is a tree on which two birds sit. One eats and is weak but the other fasts and is strong.

The non-eating bird is Paramatma who makes the jeevatma(the eating bird) to eat. We  do not realize that He dwells within us as Antaryami. He has Pirrati on His vakshasthalam(chest) and thus His Chest gets greatness. Can listening to continuous upanyasams show Him? Can reading granthams extensively reveal Him? No His sankalpam and krupa(mercy) alone can reveal Him. Adi Sankaracharya in ‘Bhaja Govindam’ says as kids we are obssessed with playing, as youths we dwell in family life and as we age we get sunk in chinta(worries) ,when then can we think of Him?We all remember Him when in trouble but when things work well we think it is due to our competence. Kabir in one of his dohas (two-lined poems) says everyone remembers Him in grief but not in happiness. If we remember Him in good times why will we have sorrow? Our papams are so huge that any amount of prayaschitham are not enough. His krupa(Mercy) makes us seek a small upayam (means) Prappathi which procures a Big Result namely Moksham.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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