Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 13


Srirangam namperumal Kudhirai Vahana PurappaduDay-13 Pasuram-7 by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan)

Amalandhipiran Pasuram 6

On 19/4/2015 Ubha.Ve. Dr. Lakshmi kumara Tatachariar discussed the finer points of pasuram-6 before moving to the 7th pasuram of Amalanadipiran Three lines on the neck of Ranganatha are formed by the bangle marks of Sri, Bhu and Neela who do aalinganam. Three are the number of lines found on His stomach .’Valitrayam’ reveal He is Swami of Nityan, Mukthan and Baddhan. He is Prakriti, kaalam and Shuddhasatvam.The three lines on His neck are paratva suchakam. He is The Creator, Protector and Destroyer. Brahma was born from His navel and Brahma created Shiva. During’ Samhara-kaalam’ manushya (humans), sthavara (immovable) and jangama(movable) form His odhanam(food) and Shiva is upasechanam. Since The Throat is used for swallowing it is celebrated. He rushes to help devas in distress even though they oppose Him once their work is over unlike azhwars  who hold to Him alone at all times. Tiruppanazhwar addresses Him as ‘amma'(mother) in pasuram-1 and ‘appan'(father) in pasuram-6 and as ‘ayyan'(swami) in pasuram 7. He is ‘sarvabandhu’ He has ‘vatsalyam’ is a ‘hithaishi’ and is ‘Sarvagnan’.’ The Sastrams’ which emanate from His Throat equal to 100 parents .

Pasuram-7 deals with ‘Narayanaya’ which means adiyen exists for His kainkaryam alone. Swami mentioned at this juncture about Sumitra’s advice to Lakshmana when he was to accompany Rama/Seetha during vanavasam. She asks Lakshmana to walk in the front as if He followed Rama he would be lost in the Beauty of His gait and fail in kainkaryam(service) to Him.Usually when’ saha’ is used the first part is important.(The man comes with a dog the man is the important portion) But when Shanku and Chakram are mentioned both are of equal importance. When the traffic light shows red it means traffic has to stop but an ambulance is allowed to go. When Perumal is talked about it means Perumal with all kalyanagunams. Nirgunatvam (no gunams)and aroopatvam(no form) is not accepted. His ayudhams(weapons) are like ornaments for devotees and weapons for enemies.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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