Parthanpalli Sri Parthasarathi Perumal, KolavilliRamar Temple Jeernodharana Ashtabandhana Mahasamprokshana Patrikai & Appeal


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Parthanpalli Perumal 1

Parthanpalli Temple Paramparai Adheenam and Trustee has planned to conduct Jeernodharana Ashtabandhana Mahasamprokshanam for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal, Kolavilli Ramar Temple, Parthanpalli, Seerkazhi. The Mahsamprokshanam is scheduled on 29 may 2015.  The Samprokshana Yagasalai and other pre events will start from 23rd may 2015 at Parthanpalli. Astikas can contribute yathasakthi for the Samprokshanam as their estimate has not yet reached. The committee has enclosed estimate of expenses for the Prokshanam. Shall be grateful to those who could contribute substantially to meet the same.

The contributions may be sent to my Bank Account given. The trust Shall furnish the receipt from the Devasthanam on its receipt.
Bank A/c details
Name: K E B Rangarajan,
SB a/c No.  008301000028776
IFSC Code : IOBA0000083
Parthanpalli Samprokshana appeal 2015
The Schedule of events is given in the patrikai
Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-10Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-11
Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-1Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-2Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-3Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-4Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-5Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-6Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-7 Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-8Parthanpalli Samprokshana patrikai  2015-9
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