Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Maha Yagam At Belagola



The 13th Annual Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanthi is being performed for 11 days from May 23rd to June 2nd 2015 at Belagola. A special Sri LakshmiNarasimha Yagyam was condcuted in the Sri Vishvakshema Gurukulam, around 127 Homa gundams and 150 adhikari’s from Andhra, Tamilnadu and Karnataka performed the rituals. MahaPoornahuthi and Teerthavari is on 1st and 2nd June. Some of the photos taken during 1st day of the Yagam can be viewed below.

Belagola Temple (also known as Sri Srinivasa and Bhoga Narasimha Temple) is a 1,000-year old temple dedicated to Lord Srinivasa and a rare Sri Narasimha with Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. The temple is located in Srinivasa Kshetra, Srirangapatina taluk near Srirangapatnam and enroute to Brindavan Garden.

Several students are getting trained from the veda patasala at Sri Parasara Gurukulam in Belagola

Some the photos taken during last year can be viewed in the following link:

Earlier last year, Acharaya’s visit to Belagola can be viewed from

Some of the photos taken during day 1 of the Yagam, earlier this week, can be viewed below

Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_00 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_02 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_03 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_05 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_06 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_08 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_10 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_11 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_13 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_14 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_16 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_19 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_23 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_26 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_27 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_29 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_30 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_31 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_34 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_35 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_37 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_38 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_39 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_40 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_41 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_42 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_43 Belagola_Narasimha_Yagam_44

Narasimha_Yagam_1 Narasimha_Yagam_2 Narasimha_Yagam_3 Narasimha_Yagam_4 Narasimha_Yagam_5

Photography by: Sri Maniappan

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