Thirukoodal Sri Vyuga Sundararajan Vaikasi Brahmotsavam: Day 1&2


Manmadha varusha Vaikasi Brahmotsavam for Sri Vyuga Sundararajan at Koodal Azhagar Perumal Temple, Thirukoodal, had commenced earlier this week with Dwajarohanam. In the evening perumal had purappadu in Anna vahanam. Yesterday, 26th May 2015, during day 2 of the Brahmotsavam, perumal had purappadu in Simha vahanam and blessed the assembled devotees. For other earlier utsavams of this temple, please visit

The following are some of the related photographs taken during Day 1 & 2

Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_00 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_02 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_03 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_04 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_05 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_07 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_08 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_10 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_11 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_12 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_13 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_14 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_15 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_16 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_17 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_18 Koodalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_19


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