Book Release: The Peerless Perceptor: Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar by Sri K.Sadagoapn Iyengar


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A book titled The Peerless Perceptor: Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar, a SamarpaNam by Sri K.Sadagoapn Iyengar was released by HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srimathe Srivan Sri Rangantha Yatheendra Mahadesikan, at the Dasavathara Sannidhi at Srirangam during the recently concluded Shashtiyabda Poorthy celebrations (June 22, 2015). The book is priced at Rs.350 and is available at Sri Nrisimha Priya Trust office at 30 VenkatEsa agrahAram, Mylapore, Chennai (Phone 044-2461-1540 , email:

Book Review by Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan   

I would like to share with you the immense joy I had in completing the reading of the above exquisite book of Coimbatore SrI K.Sadagopan IyengAr , who is known very well to the Aastikaa Community around the globe through his multi-faceted postings, Essays and Books on topics related to our Ubahaya VedAnta sampradAyam. His rich vocabulary, deep scholarship, story- telling skills and AchArya Bhakti run deep through all of his literary contributions and expounds the subtleties of our  rich source granthams  linked to our noble Bhagavad RaamAnua SiddhAntham  in an eminently readable format.

During the recently celebrated ShashtiyaBdha Poorthy MahOtsavam of Prakrutam Srimad Azhagiyasingar, SrI VaNN SaThakOpa, Sri RanganAtha Yateendhra MahA DEsikan, the above book celebrating the Vaibhavam of the legendary AchAryan of SrI Matam, VaikunThavaasi, SrI Malola Divya PaadhukA Sevaka, Sri VaNN SaThakOpa  SrI Narayana Yateendra MahA Desikan, was released at the DasAvatAra sannidhi at Srirnagam. After I started reading this book consisting of 352 pages, I could not put this book down. I had to read this book at one stretch. The Research that went behind the creation of this Book is nothing short of astounding. The many images of SrI NarayaNa Yateendra Mahaa Desikan included in this book are a delight by themselves to get acquainted with. The AchAryan sat on the throne of SrI AhOBila MaTham for 21 blessed years and left an unforgettable impression/impact  on all those, who had the bhAgyam to meet Him.

In the Author’s preface section, Sriman Sadagopan IyengAr  states his reasons for writing a Biography on Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar and why we should study His magnificent life dedicated to educate, inspire, enlighten and uplift the PaNditAs and PaamarAs; some of them were fortunate to be blessed by Him with SamASrayaNa/BharaNyAsa/KaalaksdhEpa anugrahms. The author reasons that lives of such noble souls leave an everlasting impact on the sishya kOtis and the Vidwat samUhams. The author points out further that our lives are enriched by emulating and adoring these  Mahaa PurushAs endowed with limitless auspicious attributes and that it is not an easy task to chronicle the life of these avatAra Purushans revered as SrinrusimhAnupravESa AchAryAs. The highest tribute that the author pays to Srimad Villivalam Azhasingar known for His many sterling accomplishments is: “ This much-admired AchAryan left no aspect of religion and spirituality untouched and touched nothing that He did not adorn. His Holiness  the 45th Pontiff of SrI MaTham was a colossus, who strode this earth for 85 years and during this momentous period  was responsible for affording spiritual succor to tens of thousands  of  suffering souls “ swirling round and round  in the whirlpool of samsAric sorrows. We congratulate Sriman Sadagopan IyengAr for this distinguished kaimkaryam of covering  the illustrious life  of Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar form His childhood to the time of ascent to Parama Padam after leading an exemplary life  on this earth filled with countless accomplishments and creating a golden era in the history of SrI MaTham.

We are indebted to Sriman Sadagopan IyengAr for his sweeping coverage of   the rich contributions of Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar in the fields of sampradhAyic Education through the establishment of PaatsAlAs for  the training of future scholars, the conductance of Malola Vidavt Sadas every year, the transformation of the  inaccessible AhOBila KshEtram into easily accessible divya desam of paramount importance to SrI MaTham, the tireless sanchArams across the length and breadth of Bhaarata Desam to bring Malolan into the houses of sishyAs for receiving the Lord’s anugrahams  and many more, which can not be listed here fully.

This very special book authored by Sriman Sadagopan IyengAr has been released by Sri Nrisimha  Priya Trust and is priced at Rs.350. Please acquire a copy of this matchless biography of our revered AchArya Saarvabhouman and enjoy it with Your Family and friends. You can contact Sri Nrisimha Priya Trust office at 30 VenkatEsa agrahAram, Mylapore, Chennai (Phone 044-2461-1540 , email: mar 15 - srimath 45th azhagiyasingar -  masa uthiratathi  (15)HH 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar Jaya Varusha Thirunakshatra Utsavam At Selaiyur Sri Ahobila Mutt16

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  1. adiyen would like to have a copy of the book “The Peerless preceptor”. kindly send me the a/c no and ifsc code , bank name and branch so that i can send Rs.350/- to ur a/c.with pranams .Sriram Varadaraja Iyengar.


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