Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannidhi Maha Samprokshanam


Aravamudan Sannidhi Gopuram1

Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannidhi Maha Samprokshanam will be performed in a very grand manner in this Aani month of Manmatha Varushan on 28am thethi (Rohini nakshathiram; Dwadasi); July 13, 2015, Monday. It will take place in the morning between 05.00 am and 06.00 am on that day. Importantly, the Maha Samprokshanam will be performed in the gracious presence of His Holliness Srivan Satagopa Sri Ranganatha Yatheenthra Maha Desikan, the 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Mutt.

As part of the Samprokshanam, Anugai and Mithsangranam will take place on July 9, 2015. Yaga Saalai pravesam will take place on the morning of July 10, 2015 and Homan will commence on the same day. On July 12, 2015 evening, upanyasam by Sri U.Ve. Vellukkudi Krishnan has been arranged.

Sri Aravamudhan Moolavar Balalayam took place on June 29, 2015. As a result, Moolavar Seva is not available since June 30, 2015 and will continue to be so until the Samproshanam.

Astikas may make it convenient to attend the function on all the days and receive the anugraham of Sri Abaryapthamirthan.

The Rajagopura and other Vimana Balaalaya Prathistothsavam took place last year. Details could be viewed in the following link:

The following are some of the recent photographs followed by the pathrigai…aravamudanAravamudan Sannidhi Gopuram Pushkarni Aravamudan Sannidhi Gopuram Aravamudan Sannidhi Gopuram1 invite1  invite3invite2

Courtesy: Sri Raghavasimhan, Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha and Sri Ramanathan Iyer
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  1. Thanks for sending the details of Sri Aravamudhan’s Maha Samprokshna Invitation and also the nice photos of Lord Sri Aravamudhan with Thayar and also other important Perumals.
    thanks for your excellent service and update.
    sridharan from Bangalore,
    Mob No 094812 90388

  2. Thanks for the service of informing us about the Maha Samprokshna. The photos of the Lord and Thayar captivates the eyes. Also the intrinsic work color combination done to the Gopuram cannot be expressed in words but can only admire it.


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