UyyakkoNdaar Vaibhavam


Uyyakondar Thirunakshatram Thiruvellarai 1 2015

This article is written by Sri V. Madhavakkannan.

Chithirai month, Kritthika nakshatram- the janma nakshatthiram of our AchArya, UyyakkoNdaar (PuNdareekaakshar).

UyyakkondAr was giving the divine arthas of the Darshanam and the inner meanings of Thiruvaimozhi and other Divya Prabandams to the other disciples of Sriman Nathamunigal, after Sri Nathamunigal attained paramapadam. There were 5 disciples for him namely, ManakkAl Nambi, ThiruvallikenipAn perumal arayar, chottai poosichchandarangArar(chettaloor chandalankArar), Sri Pundareeka dAsar and Ulagu perumAl Nangai.

Among them, ManakkAl Nambi stayed under the feet of his AchArya for 12 samvatsarams and did all kainkaryams like Ilaya Perumal (Aham sarvam karishyAmi). At that time, Andal, wife of UyyakkondAr, attained paramapadam. One day ManakkAl Nambi accompanied the young daughters of UyyakkondAr to the river for taking bath. On the way back, they happened to come across a marshy stretch of land. The daughters of UyyakkondAr, stood dumbfounded without knowing what to do. ManakkAl Nambi immediately stretched himself as a bridge across the marshy land and made them cross the dirty water. UyyakkondAr came to know of this and asked him? Why he did such a thing and with immense love, kept his hand over his head and asked him, what should I do for you? For this ManakkAl Nambi replied,  I have already got what I require and which I treasure the most, i.e. the kainkaryam (divine service) at your feet and hence I do not want anything else, other than this.

UyyakkondAr was very much pleased by this reply and he gave him the Dvaya mahAmantra upadesam (teaching the inner meanings of Dvaya mahAmantram) which has been glorified by aThE dhA nAga thagnAna mAtma thatva prakAsakam? sarvavEdAtha vigyanam sarva shashtraRtha darshanam, mAnasamVAchikam pApam Gayikantha Thridhakrutham  Dvaya smarana mathrEna nAsam yAdhisunishchitham (All the papams done via the three karmas Mano, vakh, kAyam is washed off totally on just remembering the Dvaya mahA mantram).After some days, UyyakkondAr before breathing his last and reaching paramapadam, answered to Nambi’s query of who will be taking care of the darshanam, as, You along with the other sishyas will make the darshanam grow and flourish. A son will be born to Iswara Muni, who belongs to the chottai kulam (Acharya Kulam) as a grandson to Sriman Nathamunigal. Adorn him with the name ‘Yamunai Thuraivar’ and teach him all the rahasya and vishesha arthas (Secret and special meanings) and subsequently he will have to take care of the darshanam. (He should become the Darshna pravartakar) This was the order for me from Sriman Nathamunigal during his last days. As I was not able to satisfy this, you have to take the responsibility of doing so. After this incident, UyyakkondAr meditated on the holy feet of Sriman Nathamunigal, sat in padmAsanam and left to the divine abode of emperuman. He showed to the world, the absolute necessity of following the words of an AchArya.

When UyyakkondAr left to paramapadam, ManakkAl Nambi and the other sishyas were left in a state of deep sorrow as they were unable to bear the separation from their AchArya. Finally they consoled themselves and ManakkAl Nambi did the BrahmamEda SamskAram to UyyakkondAr and proceeded to do the other final rites which had to be done.

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