Mylapore Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple – Kodai Uthsavam: Day 1,2,3



On 4th July 2015; Manmadha Varusha Aani Thiruvonam, Day 1 of Kodai Uthsavam at Mylapore Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple was started grandly. Perumal and Ubhaya Nachiyars in separate Kedayams had purappadu towards Peyazhwar Avathara Sthalam in Arundel Street. Perumal gave darshan in beautiful alangaran and had purappadu towards Peyazhwar Sthalam, later  had oonjal sevai. Several astikas took part and had blessings of Perumal.

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The following are the photos taken during this occasion…

Day 1

Mylapore_Adikesava_10 Mylapore_Adikesava_5 Mylapore_Adikesava_12 Mylapore_Adikesava_8 Mylapore_Adikesava_6 Mylapore_Adikesava_2 Mylapore_Adikesava_3 Mylapore_Adikesava_7 Mylapore_Adikesava_11 Mylapore_Adikesava_4 Mylapore_Adikesava_13 Mylapore_Adikesava_14 Mylapore_Adikesava_1 Mylapore_Adikesava_15 Mylapore_Adikesava_16 Mylapore_Adikesava_17 Mylapore_Adikesava_18

Day 2

Mylapore_Adikesava_22 Mylapore_Adikesava_21

Day 3

Mylapore_Adikesava_36 Mylapore_Adikesava_35 Mylapore_Adikesava_33 Mylapore_Adikesava_32 Mylapore_Adikesava_30 Mylapore_Adikesava_31 Mylapore_Adikesava_26 Mylapore_Adikesava_27 Mylapore_Adikesava_38 Mylapore_Adikesava_34 Mylapore_Adikesava_37 Mylapore_Adikesava_24 Mylapore_Adikesava_23 Mylapore_Adikesava_25 Mylapore_Adikesava_28 Mylapore_Adikesava_29

Courtesy:Sarathy Battar Mylai

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