Vaikunta Vinnagaram : Thirunangur Divyadesa Sthalapuranam Series


vaikunda vinnagaram Vaikunda perumalThere are 11 Thirunangur divyadesams of which 7 sthalapuranams are narrated by  Sri U.Ve. Vedarajan swami. Angered at the insult meted to his wife Sati by her father Daksha ,Shiva performed Tandavam on the banks of ubhaya kaveri near Seerkazhi. So great was his fury that for every hair that fell a Rudran emerged. Scared the gods asked Perumal to save the situation. As soon as Shiva the foremost Vaishnava saw Perumal his anger abated . As requested by Shiva, Perumal took 11 forms which form the 11 Tirunangur divyadesams. Seven of them are under the custody of the trustees hailing from the illustrous Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Anna family. Ubha.Ve. Vedarajan swami has taken time off his busy schedule to tell us the sthala puranams of these seven nangur temples’

 Vaikunta Vinnagaram

This Perumal was pratyaksham to the 8th Rudran,Airawatheswara

Moolavar-Sri Vaikuntanathan sitting posture-East facing



Swethakethu of Surya vamsam did severe tapas(penance) inorder to attain Vaikuntam. He was asked to do Bhahavadh and Bhaghaavatha kainkaryam. After completion of these kainkaryams he had Srivaikunta darshanam(got to see vaikuntam). He saw Perumal with Sri, Bhu and Neela in ekasimhasanam(the same seat) . Here we have utsavar also seated similarly. Garudazhwar is present as Padhukas. Again Nammazhwar alone is present here. Perumal’s Tirunakshatram is Aadi Magham.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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