Thiruvellakulam – Annan Kovil : Thirunangur Divyadesa Sthalapuranam Series


Annan kovil Perumal

There are 11 Thirunangur divyadesams .Angered at the insult meted to his wife Sati by her father Daksha ,Shiva performed Tandavam on the banks of ubhaya kaveri near Seerkazhi. So great was his fury that for every hair that fell a Rudran emerged. Scared the gods asked Perumal to save the situation. As soon as Shiva the foremost Vaishnava saw Perumal his anger abated . As requested by Shiva, Perumal took 11 forms which form the 11 Tirunangur divyadesams.Sri U.Ve. Madhava Bhattar  swami has taken time off his busy schedule to tell us the sthala puranams of Annan Kovil.


Moolavar-Annan Perumal-standing posture East facing

Thayar-AlarmelmangaiPoovar Tirumagal-Padmavathi


Swethan the son of Dundhumaran was predicted to die at the age of nine. As directed by sage Vashishta he came to Annan koil, bathed in the white-lilies filled pond and did Nrisimha Mrithyunjaya japam and lived uptil a ripe old age. Swethan means white so the pond got the name vellakulam. This pond is the avatharasthalam of Kumudhavalli nachiyar who made Tirumangaimannan an azhwar by making him do pancha samskaram and feed thousands of Srivaishnavas daily.Perumal is senior to Tirupathi Srinivasa and is therefore known as Annan Perumal.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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  1. Adiyan, Sri Madhava Battar of Sri Annan Kovil Kainkaryam is very much appreciated by all the Asthikas. My Kruthagnai to Sri Madhava Battar. He is very excellent and capable to develop the Sannithi. Thanks to Smt. Vijayanthi and Sri Sundarrajan.


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