Srimad Rahasya Traya Saaram kAlakshEpams Organized by Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha (VDSS)


uve rajagopalachariar

With the divine grace of Acharyan, PoorvAchAryAL, Acharya PadukaigaL, Swami Desikan and Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan, Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha (VDSS) is happy to commence Srimad Rahasya Traya Saaram (SRTS) kAlakshEpams to be delivered by Desika SathsampradAya Pravarthaka Visakshana Sri U Ve Uruppattur Rajagopalachariar Swamin.

Based on bhagavatas’ request, Sri U Ve Uruppattur Rajagopalachariar Swamin has kindly consented to take two batches, one on Wednesdays (USA) / Thursdays (India) and the other one on Sundays (both USA and India).

Any Srivaishnava who has performed samAsrayaNam can attend this kAlakshEpam. Interested bhagavatas are requested to send an email to

SRTS-1 kAlakshEpam Timings (USA):
Day : Wednesdays
Time : 09:05 PM to 10:05 PM EDT
Mode : Tele-bridge

SRTS-1 kAlakshEpam Timings (INDIA):
Day : Thursdays
Time : 06:35 AM to 07:35 AM IST
Mode : Tele-bridge

SRTS-2 kAlakshEpam Timings (USA):
Day : Sundays
Time : 10:25 AM to 11:30 AM EDT
Mode : Google Hangout

SRTS-2 kAlakshEpam Timings (INDIA):
Day :Sundays
Time : 07:55 PM to 09:00 PM IST
Mode : Google Hangout

NOTE: Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha Inc is a Religious, Not-for-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization (IRS-EIN-46-1993233) registered in the State of North Carolina, USA.

Courtesy: Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan

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