RathnAngi Kainkaryam for Swami Desikan ( ஸ்வாமி தேசிகனுக்கு ரத்னாங்கி கைங்கர்யம்)



Srimad Rayapuram Andavan, Sri Raghuveera Mahadesikan’s divine will ( திரு உள்ளம்) is to offer a RathnAngi to Swami Desikan adorning Keezha Uththira Veedhi Swami Desikan Sannidhi, Srirangam of Srimad Andavan Poundareekapuram Swami Ashramam, Srirangam on AvaNI, Hastham (September 15 2015).

Estimated cost of this kainkaryam is approximately US $15,000. Ashrama Sishyar Sri. Muralidhar Rangaswamy Swamin, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA coordinates this precious kainkaryam with Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Sudarsanachariar Swamin, Antharanga kainkaryabarar of Srimad Rayapuram Andavan & Sannidhi ArAdhakar along with other ardent sishyas.

Contributions are welcomed from each and every Srivaishnava and bhakta of Swami Desikan to “yathA sakthi” to this once-in-a-lifetime kainkaryam and get the abundant grace of Srimad Rayapuram Andavan, Sri Raghuveera Mahadesikan, PoorvAchAryAL and Swami Desikan.

Kindly note that contributions from bhagavatas are Tax-Exempt both in USA and in India .

USA and Other Countries: Please mention “RathnAngi Kainkaryam” while sending your contribution.

By PayPal: Bhagavatas can contribute Acharya Sambhavana by clicking the “PayPal” link below.
(PayPal account is not needed to make a Sambhavana. Bhagavatas can use any major Credit Card.)

By Check:
Bhagavatas can make the contribution check to ‘Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha’ and send it to the following address.
Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha Inc.
10245 Rose Meadow Lane
NC – 28277

Sambhavanai Details – India: Please mention “RathnAngi Kainkaryam” while sending your contribution.

By Cheque: Kindly make the sambhavanai cheque to “Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam Trust” and send it to the following address. Ashramam’s Trust has 80G Income Tax Exemption.

Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam,
43-A/13, Asramam Road,
Trichy 620006

By Bank Transfer:

Bank Name ICICI Bank Ltd
Branch 100, South Chitra Street,
Srirangam, 620006
IFSC Code ICIC0006125
Account Name Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam Trust
SB Account Number 612501121724

NOTE:Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha Inc is a Religious, Not-for-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization (IRS-EIN-45-3220810) registered in the State of North Carolina, USA. It functions as the USA Branch of Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swamy Asramam, Srirangam, India.

Courtesy: Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan

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