Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple: Pavithrotsavam Day 2



On 30 August 2015, Manmadha varusha Aavani Sathayam, was the second day of Pavitrotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Tirukoil, Kanchipuram.  Perumal with ubhaya nachimars stay at kanadiarai till the seven day pavitrotsavam concludes. Dwara k.Yagyam was doumbha mandala tiruaradhanai took  place at about 9.30 a.m Yagam was done at the yagasala  and poornahuthi and Vedha Paarayanam was done by noon. In the evening Perumal bedecked with pavitra malas accompanied by ubhayanachimars, first cast His divya kataksham on Thoopul pillai who was blessed with Srisathari. Accompanied byThe Vedic notes of the magnificient Veda parayana swamis, He traversed uptil Tiruvadi koil on sannidhi street where His Srisathari blessed Anjaneyaswami. All those who had the bhagiam of offering upaharams on the way had the Srisathari blessing their heads. At Tiruvadi koil the Tamil Vedam resounded with Narayana namam. Vadinen Vaadi pasuram of Tirumangaiazhwar brought before our eyes the azhwar’s outpourings one day long ago when he tried to rob Perumal’s  jewels. The procession returned to the temple after the sojourn. Perumal with ubhaya nachimars gave darsan in kili mandapam, the Vedaparayanadars sat infront of the kanadi -arai and the yaagam (homam) was performed by three aradharswamis at the Yagasala. Bhakthas made use of this golden opportunity and did pradakshinam of all three. Aradhakar swamis blessed eveyone with Perumal theertham and Srisathari at the mandapam.

The following are the photos taken during this Utsavam:

Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_01.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_02.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_03.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_04.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_05.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_07.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_08.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_09.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_10.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_11.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_12.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_13.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_14.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_15.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_16.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_17.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_18.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_19.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_20.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_21.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_22.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_23.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_24.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_25.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_26.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_27.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_28.jpg Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal-Pavitrostavam_29.jpg

Photography: Elangadu Ranganatha Chakravarthy, Writeup by: Smt Vyjanthi Rajan

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