Tirumala Tirupathi Manmadha Varusha Brahmotsavam : Day 3


ttd_19.jpgOn the third day morning the Lord is taken out in a procession on Simha Vahanam. Simha- the Lion is a symbol of royalty and power. Lord assumed the form of half man and half lion in his Narasimha Avathara. Lord Sri Krishna says in Bhagavath Geetha that He is the Lion among the animals. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the Mrugendrudu (most ferocious and strong among the animals-Lion) is an indication of Lord Venkateswara as a powerful entity born to punish the erring anti-social elements on the universe and devoted for protection of the righteous, poor and the weaker sections in the society. Being a Simha, is the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as ‘Narasimha’ whom the puranas and legends speak involumes for his drive against ‘Dushta’(wrong doors) and protection of the weak, poor and the god fearing persons.

On the evening of the third day, the Lord is again taken out in a procession along with his concerts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi in a palanquin decorated with a canopy of pearls. Pearl is said to be a symbol of purity and royalty. The Lord charmed His devotees on the pleasant Mutyapu Pandiri vahanam. Legend says that pearls, a produce of sea, is formed when the dew and rain drops into pearl chip in the ocean. Even Srikrishna wears pearl nose rings and necklaces and Lord Venkateswara hailed as “Alankara priya”(lover of decoration).During the Srivari Brahmotsavam Lord Venkateswara sat proudly along with his consorts sat in a vahanam decked up milk white pearls in the shape of a pandal.

The following are the photos taken during the Occasion:

ttd_09.jpg ttd_10.jpg ttd_13.jpg ttd_04.jpg ttd_14.jpg ttd_15.jpg ttd_01.jpg ttd_07.jpg ttd_16.jpg ttd_12.jpg ttd_05.jpg ttd_18.jpg ttd_06.jpg ttd_03.jpg ttd_08.jpg ttd_17.jpg ttd_02.jpg ttd_11.jpg

Courtesy: Sekhar, TTD

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