Santhai classes and kalakshepams


With the divine grace of AchAryan, PoorvAchAryAL, AchArya pAdukAs, Swami Desikan and Sri Lakshmi HayagrIvan, Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha (VDSS) is fortunate to organize the following Santhai classes and kAlakshEpams conducted by eminent scholars.


Santhai classes and kAlakshEpams:

SRTS-1, SRTS-2 Srimad Rahasya Traya Saaram kAlakshEpams
BV Bhagavath Vishaya kAlakshEpam
SPS Sri Paduka Sahasra Santhai
YV,YV2,YV3,YV4 Yajur Veda Santhai
DP,DP4 4000 Divya Prabhandham Santhai and Sri Desika Prabhandham Santhai
NK Nithya KarmAnushtAna Santhai
DS2 Sri Desika Stotra Pada Santhai
SP, SP3 StOtra pAdam
SK Sanskrit Language
TM Tamil Language (Beginner)


Sri U Ve Kalyanapuram R.Aaravamudachariar Swamin (SPS)
Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swamin (BV)
Sri U Ve Uruppattur Rajagopalachariar Swamin (SRTS-1, SRTS-2, DP, NK, DS2, SP3)
Sri U Ve Kuruchchi Lakshmi Nrusimhachariar Swamin (YV2)
Sri U Ve Kumbakonam Rangarajachariar Swamin (YV, YV3)
Sri U Ve Dr. R. Thirunarayanan Swamin (SK)
Sri U Ve Thiruvazhi Krishnadesikan Swamin (DP4)



Interested bhagavatas are requested to register for the class(es) and kAlakshepam(s) at the following page to get further details.

NOTE: Bhagavatas from India can join these Santhai Classes and kAlakshEpams LIVE by connecting to the US tele-bridege using the “Call Phones” feature of Skype for free (i.e. without Skype Credits).

Courtesy:Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan

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