Pavithrotsavam At Therazhundur Divya Desam


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Manmadha Varusha Pavithrotsavam was celebrated at Sri Amaruviappan Sannadhi, Therazhundur Divya desam between October 18th to October 22nd 2015. Utsavam commenced with periya Thirumanjanam (Thirupavithrotsavam poorvangam) along with Ankurarpanam. On all days of Utsavam, Perumal and Thayar had Thirumanjanam followed by Purappadu and Homam was conducted at Yagasalai. On the concluding day  Garuda Sevai, Theerthavari, 81 Kalasa Thirumanajanam and Satrumurai was performed. Pavithrotsavam is a well prescribed ritual , where the archaka prays for forgiveness for all lapses–conscious or otherwise– in the daily worship of the Lord .

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_00 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_01 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_02 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_03 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_06 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_08 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_05 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_07 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_09 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_10 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_22 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_14 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_15 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_16 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_17 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_18 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_20 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_11 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_21 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_12 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_23 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_19 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_04 Therazhundur-Sri-Gosikan_13

Courtesy: Smt Radha Vasan

To know more about Therazhundur Divya desam please visit: Sri Aamaruviappan Therazhandur

To visit previous events related to Therazhundur please visit:

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