Pavithrotsavam At Pathakota Sri Seetha Rama Anjaneyaswamy Temple



Manmadha Varusha Pavithrotsavam took place in a grand manner at Pathakota Sri Seetha Rama Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Hosur Taluk, Krishnagiiri. On October 28th 2015, in the morning Thirumanjanam was performed and in the evening Ankurarpanam was conducted. Homam was held followed by Veda and prabandham parayanam and Periya Satrumurai was performed by the Parayana Ghosti on all the days of Utsavam and concluded on October 31st 2015. This ancient temple is a 350 year Abhimana sthalam on the banks of the sacred river Dakshina Pinakini aka South Pennar aka Thenpennai in Tamil (glorified by Swami Deshikan in Dhehalisha sthuthi) amidst the lush green groves & fields of Pathakota, a small village in Hosur Taluk , Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. (60 kms from Bangalore along the NH 7 towards Krishnagiri & 3 kms interior from Kaman Doddi stop).

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_15 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_06 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_00 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_13 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_02 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_07 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_04 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_03 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_08 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_09 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_10 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_14 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_11 Pathakota-Sri-Seetha-Rama-Anjaneyaswamy_12

Courtesy: Sri Srinath Nallan Chakravarthy

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