Pushpayagam Performed At Tirumala Tirupathi



The annual Pushpa Yagam to Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy was performed with religious grandeur with over seven tonnes of flower as befitting tribute to the Universal Lord on November 18th in Tirumala Shrine. Usually this celestial fete is performed after brahmotsavams in the month of Karthika (October/November). Earlier during the day, after the second archana, second bell and naivedyam, the processional deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy flanked by Sridevi and Bhudevi on His either sides, was brought to Kalyana Mandapam located inside Sampangi prakaram. Later the ritwiks performed Snapana Tirumanjanam with milk, coconut water, curd, honey, turneric and sandal paste in a spiritual manner chanting Sri, Bhu, Purusha Suktams. About seven tonnes of various traditional and ornamental flowers which are used in Pushpayagam were brought to the temple in a ceremonious procession from Garden department.  After the snapanam, the deities are decorated in new silk clothes and Pushpayagam was performed in a ceremonious way with 18 types of different varieties of flowers including lilies, chrysanthemum, Roses, Maruvam, Damanam etc. Each flower is offered for twenty times. The celestial fete completed till the deities were immersed in neck depth bed of flowers.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Tirumala-Tirupathi1 Tirumala-Tirupathi Tirumala-Tirupathi4 Tirumala-Tirupathi12 Tirumala-Tirupathi2 Tirumala-Tirupathi10 Tirumala-Tirupathi3 Tirumala-Tirupathi6 Tirumala-Tirupathi5 Tirumala-Tirupathi7 Tirumala-Tirupathi8 Tirumala-Tirupathi9 Tirumala-Tirupathi13

Courtesy: Tirumala Tirupathi

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