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Thiruvallikeni Swami Nampillai Avathara Utsavam- Day 1 and Day 2


This year, Swami Nampillai Avathara Utsavam Day 1 and Day 2 was celebrated at Nampillai Sannadhi, Pezahwar Koil Theru, Thiruvallikeni Divyadesam. On November 21st 2015, in the evening at 7pm, grand Satrumurai and Sevakalam followed by arulicheyal and Parayana Ghosti was conducted, similarly. Many devotees participated and received the blessings of Acharya.

To know more about Acharya please visit: Nampillai Varusha Thirunakshatram

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_12 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_01 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_19 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_09 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_02 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_05 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_03 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_07 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_00 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_04 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_16 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_06 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_08 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_10 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_11 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_13 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_14 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_17 Thiruvallikeni-Swamy-Nampillai_18

Courtesy: Sri Raghavan Nemili Vijayaraghavachari

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