Arulalaperumal Emperumanar And Kaliyan Thirunakshatra Utsavam At Thirupadagam- Day 1 and Day 2



Swamy Arulalaperumal Emperumanar and Kaliyan Thirunakshatra Utsavam was celebrated at Pandava Doota Perumal Temple, Thirupadagam. On November 22nd 2015, Pandava Doota Perumal along with His Ubhaya Nachiyars and Emperumanar and Kaliyan had beautiful alangaram. Many devotees participated and received the blessings of Divyadampathis and Achryas, Similarly.

The temple for PANDAVA DOOTA PERUMAL (SRI KRISHNA) is situated in the heart of KANCHIPURAM (PERIYA KANCHI), very near  Ekamranatha’s temple. It is one of the 108 divya desa-s eulogized by PERIYAZHVAR, BHUDATTAZHVAR, TIRUMAZHISAI AZHVAR and TIRUMANGAI AZHVAR, all of whom speak of this place as PAADAGAM. The inscriptions in this temple also speak of this place as TIRUPPAADAGAM and refer to the deity here as TIRUPPAADAGATTAZEIVAR.

To know more about the Temple please visit: PANDAVA DOOTA PERUMAL TEMPLE – THIRUPADAGAM

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_05 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_01 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_10 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_02 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_03 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_00 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_06 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_04 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_08 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_11 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_09 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_12 Thirupadagam-Pandava-Doota-Perumal_13

Courtesy: Sri Tirumalai Vinjimur Gopal

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