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Kaisika Ekadasi At Thirukkurungudi


On 22nd  November 2015  is an all important day for Srivaishnavaites– ‘shukla paksha’ Ekadasi of the month of Karthigai.  [shukla paksham is the waxing phase of Moon and Ekadasi is the 11th day]  Kaisika Ekadasi was celebrated grandly at  Thirukkurungudi and some of the images are placed below and a detailed insight of Kaisika Mahatmayam is added below

Thirukkurungudi_04 Thirukkurungudi_00 Thirukkurungudi_06 Thirukkurungudi_02 Thirukkurungudi_09 Thirukkurungudi_05 Thirukkurungudi_07 Thirukkurungudi_03

Courtesy: Thirukkurungudi

Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_03 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_04 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_05 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_06 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_07 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_08 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_09 Kaisika-Maahaathmyam_10

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