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Swami Nampillai

Nampillai dictated to one Vadakku Thiruveedhip Pillai his commentaries on Thiruvoimozhi hailed as EEDU and 36,000 Padi, considered to be the best commentary on Thiruvoimozhi. It was during the period of Nampillai that a king called Sadavarma Sundara Pandian undertook the construction of golden dome of Sri Ranga Vimaanam over the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Ranganatha. Another disciple of Nampillai was the famous “Periyavaachaan Pillai” who wrote extensive explanations to all the 4,000 hymns of Divya Prabhandam and was renowned as the “Vyaakhyaana Chakravarthi”- “Emperor among Commentators”. With the blessings of Nampillai, he wrote also the 24,000 Padi Commentary on Thiruvoimozhi. His Tanian reads as follows

Vedaanta Vedhyaamrutha Vaari Raaseh Vedaartha Saaraamrutha Bhooramagryam |
Aadhaaya Varshantham Aham Prapadhye Kaarunyapoornam Kalivairi Daasam ||

Here is a detailed writeup about Swami Nampillai…

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