Madhuranthakam Yeri Kaatha Ramar Kovil Thirukarthigai Deepam



Sri Kodanda Rama, also fondly known as Aeri Katha Rama (the one who saved the village from flooding from Madurantakam lake), is enshrined in the Aeri Katha Ramar Temple. The temple is about 1300 years old. Sita resides in the temple as Sri Janaki Valli. The other deities enshrined are Sri Chakrathalwar, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha and Sri Hanuman. On November 25th 2015, Thirukarthigai Deepam was grandly celebrated at this temple. In the evening Deepam was lit in all the sannadhis and witnessed the burning of Sokkapanai. Many Bakthas participated and received the blessings of Sri Kothandaramar.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Madhuranthakam-Yeri-Kaatha-Ramar_02 Madhuranthakam-Yeri-Kaatha-Ramar_01 Madhuranthakam-Yeri-Kaatha-Ramar_03 Madhuranthakam-Yeri-Kaatha-Ramar_04

Courtesy: Sri Seshadri Ani

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