Srirangam Ranganathaswami Temple Pagal Pathu Utsavam- Nachiyar Thirukolam


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Thiruadhyayana Utsavam  commenced with Pagal Pathu in a grand manner on 11th December 2015 at Sri Ranganathaswami Temple, Srirangam. During the pagal pathu utsavam Sri Namperumal Purappadu took place to Arjuna Mandapam and asthanam. December 20th 2015, is the 10th day of Pagal pathu utsavam, around 5 pm Purappadu took place for Azhwars and Acharyas followed by Namperumal Purappadu to 1000 Pillars mandapam. Namperumal dressed up in Thayar’s thriukkolam with all Her ornaments including Thirumangalyam, white silk saree, the Thiruvadis adorned with thick golden anklet resting on jasmine rolls, chains reaching the feet, corals, emeralds and diamonds vying with one another to adorn the Protector, bangle filled arms, the right hand holding the lotus with a golden parrot perched on it, diamond ear-rings held by diamond maatal, head ornaments, Andal kondai decorated with pearls.

A long braid hangs nonchalantly adorned with a gem studded rakodi and golden braid ornament, interspersed with beautiful flowers and Kizhi (Parrot) in the sides of the flower garland Seated on a bolster. Yes, everything in the dress is perfect but the eyes betray the Truth as He is not able to capture the karuna kataksham of our ever merciful Ranga Nachiyar.

ஸ்ரீரங்கம் ஸ்ரீ நம்பெருமாள் மோகினி அலங்காரத்தில் 20th dec 15, மாலை 5 மணிக்கு புறப்பாடு கண்டருளி, ஆயிரங்கால் மண்டபம் எழுந்தருளினார்.. முன்னதாக நம்பெருமாளை சேவித்தப்படி உடையவர், திருமங்கைஆழ்வார், நம்மாழ்வார் எழுந்தருளினர்.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_46 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_02 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_23 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_16 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_12 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_00 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_20 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_08 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_05 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_01 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_04 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_03 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_06 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_07 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_09 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_10 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_11 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_13 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_14 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_15 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_41 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_17 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_18 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_19 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_21 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_22 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_24 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_25 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_26 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_27 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_28 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_31 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_32 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_33 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_34 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_35 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_36 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_37 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_38 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_39 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_40 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_42 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_29 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_43 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_30 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_45

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