Vaikunta Ekadasi At Thirukoshtiyur Sri Sowmiyanarayana Perumal Temple



Vaikunda Ekadasi, the most holy day of supreme significance for all Sri Vaishnavaites, was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Sowmiyanarayana Perumal Temple, Thirukoshtiyur Divyadesam. On December 21st 2015, in the morning Sri Perumal had Sayana Thirukolam along with His Consorts and in the evening Sri Perumal and Ubhayanachiyars entered through paramapada vasal and blessed the devotees. Thousands of people thronged the temple to have darshan of Divyadampathis and received the blessings. For Sri Vaishanavaites, the ultimate in life is attainment of moksha [salvation] by reaching Vaikuntam, the ultimate destination, the abode of Lord Himself. This is The place of no return and the human soul is free from the ills of the World and gets the supreme opportunity of nithya kainkaryam [daily service] to Lord.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_03 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_04 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_00 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_01 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_02 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_05 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_06 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_07 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_08 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_10 Thirukoshtiyur-Sri-Sowmiyanarayana-Perumal_11

Courtesy: Sri Balaji Samrat

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