Andal Thirukalyanam At Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple


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On January 14th 2016 Bhoghi festival day, in the evening, Andal and VaradarajaPerumal along with ubhayanachimars went in purappadu on Sannidhi Street. While a golden umbrella was held for Andal, DevaPerumal and Consorts were offered silver umbrella. Again three white umbrellas could be seen – one for Andal and two for Perumal. After stopping at Tiruvadi-koil the purappadu returned to the temple.

Andal was in the four pillared mandapam near the temple entrance while Perumal and ubhayanachimars were in the mandapam near the dwajhasthambam. Morning itself a devotee was seen cleaning the platforms thoroughly and she had made kolams at the respective platforms and in the surroundings. This kind of kainkaryam should be emulated.

As the goshti stood in between Perumal and Andal, Periazhwar Andal’s father covered with a red shawl was brought centrestage to witness and bless the celestial union of his unique child and Sriman Narayana. The wedding began with the exchange of garlands. Three rounds of exchange took place between them and then Andal was brought next to Varadan. She is almost as tall as Him. Together they entered Tondaradipodi entrance where the Oonjal ceremony took place. Everyone craned their necks to catch a glimpse of them. Afterwards Akshatai-ashirwadam(samarpanam) took place to the accompaniment of Vedic benedictions. There was a big difference in the ceremony – akshatai is sprinkled on the heads of newlyweds, whereas it was collected in a shawl and offered at Their Feet. Again Samparpanam of sarees, cash etc was done on behalf of devotees. Finally the tamboolam offered to Them was given to each indivual present at the mandapam. Each one got the akshtai which they carried carefully home with the auspicious notes of the music players and the chanting of Vedam specially the saama ganam ringing¬† in their ears. Andal Kalyana! Vaibhogame!

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_15 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_00 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_01 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_02 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_03 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_04 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_05 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_06 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_07 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_08 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_09 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_10 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_11 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_12 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_13 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_14 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_17 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_18 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_19 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_20 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_21 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_22 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_23 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_24 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_25 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_26 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_27

Photos & Videos by Sundararajan and write up by Vyjayanthi Rajan

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