Srirangam Namperumal Bhoopathi Thirunal Utsavam Day 8 Evening – Kudhirai Vahanam



Bhoopathi Thirunal Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple. On January 22nd 2016, in the evening NamPerumal came in Kudhirai vahanam at 6.30p.m. The kudhirai vahanam of gold  invites attention for its beauty and majesty. NamPerumal was appropriately dressed in riding clothes with full sleeves of blue velvet holding the reins tightly. At the back was a quiver filled with arrows and a golden shield  to boot. All the doors in the veedhis were open to get His kataksham and offerings were made on the way. But the highlight was the Vayalli outside Ranga Ranga Gopuram.

Packed with devotees all around NamPerumal’s Vayalli started to the beating of drums in a particular way. The co-ordination and manouvering of the Sripadamthangis was fantastic. The expertise with which Vayalli was done was great. It seemed as if NamPerumal does this to give darshan to each devotee present, especially during konal vayali whence so many turns are done. At the end of it there was thunderous applause and shouts of SriRanga! Sri Ranga! NamPerumal enters into each sriman thangi and makes this happen. Then NamPerumal stands and accepts the offerings and after that goes into the Tiruvehndhikaapu mandapam for Tiruvehndikaapu before returning to Kanadi arai.

ஸ்ரீரங்கம் – பூபதித்திருநாள் 8m  நாள் உற்சவத்தில் 22nd jan 16 – 6.30 pm  – ஸ்ரீ நம்பெருமாள் ரங்க விலாச மண்டபத்திலிருந்து குதிரை வாகனத்தில் புறப்பாடு கண்டருளி உத்திர வீதி வலம் வந்து தெற்கு ரங்கா கோபுரம் வாசலில் கோண வையாளி கண்டருளினார்.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Srirangam-Namperumal_25 Srirangam-Namperumal_26 Srirangam-Namperumal_28 Srirangam-Namperumal_23 Srirangam-Namperumal_00 Srirangam-Namperumal_02 Srirangam-Namperumal_03 Srirangam-Namperumal_04 Srirangam-Namperumal_05 Srirangam-Namperumal_06 Srirangam-Namperumal_07 Srirangam-Namperumal_08 Srirangam-Namperumal_09 Srirangam-Namperumal_10 Srirangam-Namperumal_11 Srirangam-Namperumal_12 Srirangam-Namperumal_13 Srirangam-Namperumal_15 Srirangam-Namperumal_16 Srirangam-Namperumal_17 Srirangam-Namperumal_18 Srirangam-Namperumal_19 Srirangam-Namperumal_20 Srirangam-Namperumal_21 Srirangam-Namperumal_22 Srirangam-Namperumal_24 Srirangam-Namperumal_29 Srirangam-Namperumal_30

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