Koviladi Sri Appakudathaan Mahasamprokshanam



Mahasamprokshanam took place in a grand manner at Koviladi Sri Appakudathaan Temple, Thiruper Nagar. On January 29th 2016, Sri Perumal along with His Consorts had Sesha Vahana Alangaram and Homam was performed at Yagasalai. Later as per the agama sastras, Vimana Samprokshanam took place in grand manner. Thousands of devotees thronged to participate in the mahasamprokshanam and received the blessings of Divyadampathis.

To view the previous days samprokshanam please visit:

The following are the photos taken during the Mahasamprokshanam:

Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_12 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_06 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_00 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_04 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_14 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_09 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_01 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_05 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_16 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_15 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_13 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_11 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_02 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_10 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_07 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_03 Koviladi-Sri-Appakudathaan_08

Courtesy: Sri Soundar Rajan

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  1. I am belonging to Mannargudi and now I am settled at Delhi.
    In my childhood I had the Divya dharshinam of sri Appakkudathan, about 50 years back! But, after seeing the Mahasamprokshanam message and sri Aappakkudathan dharshanam, it is created a thirsty to have the Great Dharshan.

    Please let me know that how could I go Kovilady by bus from kumbakonam or Thanjavour and Food facilities at Koviladi with Temple timings through e-mail.
    My e-mail ID is, mannargudiranganathan@yahoo.com

    • Dear sir..u can reach koviladi from thanjavur or kumbakonam by taking a bus to kallanai or can reach by car…food facilities r not much over there…u can get appams from the house in the sannadhi street…hotels r aplenty in thanjavur kumbakonam or thiruvaiyaru


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