Float Festival At Thoopul Deepaprakasa Perumal Temple


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On February 13th, Manmatha, Masi Revathi Theppam (Float Festival) took place for Deepaprakasar and His Consorts, Maragathavalli Thayar and Swami Desikan. The temple tank at Thoopul is usually dry but this year the rains which caused havoc have left water-bodies with water. So we had the darsana oppurtunity  of enjoying the Theppotsavam.

At about 7.00 p.m. Deepaprakasar with His Consorts came in purappadu in tholukuiniyan. Maragathavalli Thayar in sarvalankaram draped in a bright blue saree came alongside in another tholukuiniyan wearing the Dasavathara necklace and behind Them came Swami Desikan wearing a crown of white pearls and prabhandhasaram malai . Before Their arrival the finishing touches were given to the lucky float (lucky achetanas get to serve the Lord.) and flower garlands were strung around. We had occupied vantage corners by 6.30 p.m. and got a good view of the happenings. Devotees were wondering how the nadhaswaram players would fit in the Float but they sent in their auspicious ‘Lakshmi Kalyana’ notes via the mike.

The first to get into the Float was Deepaprakasar along with Shriya and Vasudha.Next to get in was Maragathavalli Thayar and then swami Desikan was placed at Their Feet. Minimum people were inside to offer essential upacharams, there was a single policeman and two oarsmen. As the Float started moving young srivaishnavas were pulling the ropes moving around the steps while the oarsmen propelled the Float. As the Float moved camphor offerings were made and it was nice to see devotees offering their fruits (a virtual catch catch was on as people threw apples and oranges and people sitting on the steps below made deft catches ) to the Divya Dampatis and Swami Desikan. The Float did seven rounds and when it came to our corner we had beautiful darsanam and  we felt blessed to be there on that day.

When the rounds were finished The Divine Entourage came in pradakshinam of the tank and made its way around Vilakoli Perumal koil accompanied by the loud chanting of ‘Pallandu! Pallandu!’ The cows in the goshala looked around in amazement and happiness and satisfaction was writ large on the faces of those present. A resident of that area  said she has lived 57 years in that place alone and had never witnessed such a ‘kolahalam.’ After reaching Swami Desikan sannidhi sattrumurai took place followed by distribution of Perumal theertham, srisathari and plenty of prasadams.

The organisers deserve praise for the  efficient arrangements and the involvement of youngsters was heartening. Desika sampradayam should be carried forward and for Swami’s huge contributions whatever we do is little. The notes of ‘Pillaianthathi’ chanted keeps ringing in our ears and all we can offer to The Divya Dampathis, Swami Desikan and the Desikapriyas is our humble anjali.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_04 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_03 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_05 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_00 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_01 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_02 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_06 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_07 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_08 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_09 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_10 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_11 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_12 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_13 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_14 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_15 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_16 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_17 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_19 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_20 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_21 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_22 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_24 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_25 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_26 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_27 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_29 Thoopul-Deepaprakasa-Perumal_30

Photos & Videos: Sri Sundararajan, Write up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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  1. Vaiji,thanks for reminding me.Its a pleasant experience sharing your joy with others.Shall have a peep on all your wonderful contributions.Say wonderful to Vidvan! …also for his handy CAM work!


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