Sri Vidya Abhivruthi Hayagreeva Homa Patrikai At Pune Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Balaji Mandir


Pune Sri Ahobila Mutt’s Sri Balaji Mandhir Jeernodharana Mahasamprokshanam35

Sri Vidya Abhivruthi Hayagreeva Homam will be performed on February 27th 2016 with the blessings of HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar at 10.00 am along with Sudarsana Homam. This is organised for the benefits of the students to get the blessings of Sri Hayagreevar before the examination. All are invited to come and participate along with their children and get the blessings. Sponsorship is Rs. 500 only. Sponsors will get Sri Hayagreevar photo, Sri Hayagreevar Raksha and a pen for writing the exam.

A special Abhishekam for Sri Hayagreevar is also arranged at 9.00 am on the same day and the sponsorship for the same is Rs. 1000 only. We request devotees to make use of this opportunity and get the blessings.

You can also make online transfers. Bank details are provided below.

Name of the Beneficiary – Sri Ahobila Mutt’s Sri Balaji Mandir

Bank – Bank of Maharastra

Account Number – 20099975155

Account Type – Savings Bank Account

Branch – Pashan, Pune 411021

MICR Code – 411014103

IFSC Code – MAHB0001384

Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar

Courtesy: Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Balaji Mandir Pune

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