Thiruanbil and Uttamarkoil Perumals Masi Maham Theerthavari At Kollidam



On February 22nd 2016, Masi Maham, Srirangam residents had a treat with two Divya Desa Perumals giving darshan on the banks of Kollidam: Anbil Sundararaja Perumal and Utthamarkoil Purushothama Perumal. Every year on Masi Maham day, Theerthavari takes place in Kollidam and devotees enjoy darshana saubhaghyam of the two. Generally, we visit a Divya Desam but here two Divya Desa Perumals visited us.

Yielding to Valmiki Maharishi’s penance Sundararaja Perumal gave him darshan. Since Perumal yielded to Valmiki’s love (anbu) the place came to be called Anbil and the kshetram as Valmikikshetram. Utsava Perumal is known as Vadivuaghiya  Nambi. Moolavar is Sundaraja Perumal who is in Sayana Thirukolam. Thayar is Sundaravalli or Azhagiavalli. ThirumazhisaiAzhwar has done mangalasasanam to this Perumal.

The other Perumal from Utthamarkoil is Purushothaman or Utthamar. Purushotthama means the best among men and Thayar is Poornavalli Thayar. This temple has sannidhis for Brahma and Sarasvathi and Shiva-Parvathi. Perumal removed the woes of Shiva and Brahma and showed that He was the Lord of Shiva and Brahma. This kshetram also known as Karambanur has the mangalasasanams of Thirumangai Azhwar.

SriRangavasis crossed the Kollidam to reach the tents housing the Perumals and worshipped them yathashakthi with patram (Tulasi) pushpam and phalam (fruits) and returned home happily.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_04 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_14 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_05 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_00 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_01 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_02 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_03 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_06 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_07 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_09 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_10 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_12 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_13 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_15 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_16 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_17 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_18 Anbil-Uttamur-Kovil-Kollidam_19

Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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