HH 46th Azhagiyasingar At Annamaiya Vardhanthi Programme At Tirumala


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The 513th Vardhanthi Mahotsavam of Saint Poet Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya took place in Narayanagiri Gardens in a grand manner in Tirumala ‪on ‬April 4th 2016 evening. The Ahobila Mutt 46th Pontiff in his spiritual address on this memorable occasion recalled the impeccable services rendered by Saint poet. He said Annamacharya dedicated his entire life in the service of Lord through his great works and attained salvation. “Even For those who doesn’t the language of Telugu, the lyrics and melody in the words of telugu spells magic on everyone. It’s a great opportunity to listen to the melodious compositions of Sri Annamacharya on this occasion”, he maintained.

The Honourable Governor of AP and TS Sri ESL Narasimhan who also took part in this ceremonious fete said, Saint poet Annamacharya has penned over 32 thousand keertans in praise of Lord Venkateswara and each one is a gem. And it is great to see that TTD has been organising the Jayanthi-Vardhanthi Mahotsavams as a befitting tribute to the Saint poet every year in a big way”, he complimented.

Earlier religious fete started ‪at 6pm‬ with the processional deities of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy flanked by Sri Devi and Bhu Devi reaching the beautiful gardens and seated on the finely decked floral swing.

Popular vocalists and Senior artistes of TTD Annamacharya Project rendered Dinamu Dwadasi, Sapthagiri Sankeertanalu penned by the Saint poet including Bhavamulona, podagantimayya, Enta Matramuna, Brahma kadigina, Muddugare, Narayanate, Kondalalo, Dinamu Dwadasi Nedu songs in a melodious way.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-07 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-09 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-03 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-05 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-11 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-06 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-00 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-12 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala3 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-04 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala9 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala7 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala6 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala5 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala4 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala1 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala8 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-10 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-02 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-01 HH-46th-Azhagiyasingar-Annamaiya-Vardhanthi-Tirumala-08

Courtesy: Sri Pazhaveri Sriraman, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam

For more details on Sri Annamayya’s SriVaishnava Identity and relation with Ahobila Mutt , please read here

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