Mahasamprokshana Patrikai From Thirunangur Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple



The temple committee has planned to celebrate Mahasamprokshanam in a grand manner for 4 days from April 8th 2016 to April 11th 2016 at Thirunangur Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple. All astikas are invited to participate in the Mahasamprokshanam and receive the blessings of Divyadampathis. It is believed that young married couples who perform special pooja on star Rohini blessed with children. Asthigas who seek marriage alliance would be settled who perform special pooja on star rohini.

”According to the Aagama sastras that guide temple rituals “Mandala Abhishekam” must be performed for over a month (normally 48 days) after the completion of the Mahaa-Samprokshanam or Maha Kumbhabhishekam.  The Mandala pooja enhances the divine presence in the consecrated (recharged) archana and moola (main) vigrahaas. Kumbhabhishekam ceremony has everlasting effect on the society as a whole, besides on devotees. Aagama sastras  mention, “Sarvaroga nivrityartham, sarva yaaga phalapradam Sarva sampathkaram nreenam putrapoutrabhi vardhanam, It is conducted with the sole purpose of  eradicating all illness, obtaining good benefits from various yagaas, deriving rich benefits for the well being and for the healthy propagation of the progeny.”

Mandalashibekam to Sri.Rajagopala Swami Temple to be held from 12.4.2016 to 25.5.2016. We have no upayadars for this festival. Hence we approach charitable trust/philanthropic person like you. To conduct the mandalabhishekam on smaller scale we require the following (one day):-

1. Thirumanjana expenses           Rs.500/-
2. Garlands                                      Rs.2,00/-
3. Thaligai (curd rice)                   Rs.500/-
4. Archakar sambavanai               Rs.300/-


Total  Rs.1,500/-


You may sent your donation in the name of the trust

T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST  and mail to the above address.

You may also transfer the funds to trust

SB A/C NO: 6027064799,

Indian Bank, Thenpathi Branch,

Code No.S108,

IFSC Code No : IDIB000S108.

ICICI Bank details: T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST,

SB A/C NO: 608801152764,

ICICI Bank, Mailaduthurai Branch,


The following is the detailed Utsava Patrikai:

Thirunangur-Sri-Rajagopalaswami-01 Thirunangur-Sri-Rajagopalaswami-02

Courtesy: Sri Purushothaman

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  1. dear swamin,

    recently a devotee provided provision for thaligai (curd rice). please delete the item no.3. the total expenses will be rs.1000/- per day. I request the asthigas may utitlise it and get blessings of the lord sri.kannan. this emperuman considered to be equivalent to dwarakapuri kannan.



  2. dear asthigas,

    the mahasamprokshanam was celebrated on grand scale.Sri. Uve.Devanathan swami done this kainkaryam and our sincere thanks to him and his family. Sri.Devanathan Swami also providing expenses for nithyapadi pooja for more than 15 years.

    Madalabhishega utsvam started.we trustees requested the asthigas/bakhtas to participate in mandalabhishegam doing kainkaryam atleast one day rs.1,000/- and get blessings of lord kannan.

    Mob: 9750251058

  3. dear asthigas,

    the maha samprokshanam was celebrated last month. The 48 days mandalabhisheka vaibhavam is taking place as per agama sastras. the mandalabhisheka poorthi utsavam to be held on 29.5.2016 following with thirumanjanam & kalyana utsavam. asthigas are co-ordially invited to participate in the mahaotsavam and get blessings of lord sri.Rajagopalan. devotees who are unable to attend the utsavam may sent their donation in the name of the trust T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST by dd/cheque. asthigas may transfer the funds to above trust account.

    1.deepa oil.pooja articles rs.1500/-
    2.Garlands Rs.5,000/-
    3.Ghee for yagasalai Rs 5,000/-
    4.Fruits rs.5000/-
    5.archakar&paricharakar Rs.10,000/-
    6.Nathaswaram & melam Rs.5,000/-
    7.Prasada distribution Rs.15,000/-


  4. dear swamin,

    Please add the bank details in the above appeal i.e.Mandalabhisheka Poorthi.

    1.T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST, SB A/C NO: 6027064799, Indian Bank, Thenpathi Branch,Code No.S108, IFSC Code No : IDIB000S108.

    2. T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST, SB A/C NO: 608801152764, ICICI Bank,
    Mailaduthurai Branch, IFSC CODE: ICIC0006088.




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