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Thillaisthanam Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple Chithirai Brahmotsavam – Day 1 To 3


Chithirai Brahmotsavam commenced in a grand manner at Thillaisthanam Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. Many devotees participated in the Brahmotsavam and received the blessings of Sri Perumal.

On April 22nd 2016,

Morning – Dwajarohanam, Evening – Hamsa Vahanam

On April 23rd 2016,

Morning – Swarna Alangara Sevai, Evening – Suriya Prabhai Vahanam

On April 24th 2016,

Morning – Rajagopalan Alangaram, Evening -Sesha Vahanam

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavams:

Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal5 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal10 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal12 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal2

Day 2 Utsavam

Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal1  Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal3Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal4Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal11 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal6 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal9 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal14

Day 3 Utsavam


Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal8 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal16   Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal13 Thillaisthanam-Sri-Srinivasa-Perumal15

Courtesy: Sri Gopal Dikshidar R

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