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Thiruthanka Sri Deepaprakasar Perumal Temple Thiruavathara Utsavam


Durmukhi Chitrai Revathi(5.05.2016) was the avathara utsavam for Vilakoli Perumal. Deepaprakasar of Tiruthanka has the pride of being addressed as unparalleled by swami Desikan. Another pride of this divyadesam Perumal is that He has as His son Swami Desikan. Deepaprakasar always has His great son following Him or He keeps him by His side.

In the morning at about 6.00 Deepaprakasar with His Ubhayanachimars gazing at Him continuously came in a palanquin to Sannidhi street and the Mada veedhis of Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal koil. Following Him was Swami Desikan. After returning to Thoopul, Tirumanjanam for Moolavar took place. In the afternoon at about 2.30 Tirumanjanam for Utsavar, Ubhaya nachimars and Swami Desikan took place at the ‘Avathara sthala kula mani mandapam’. At about 4.30 p.m. Perumal and Swami Desikan gave sevai in sarvalankaram and listened to the melodious Vedic chants of the Vedaparayana goshti. Malai maryadhai was given to Swami seated at the side and also to the Moolavar inside the sannidhi. After Satrumurai Perumal Theertham, Srisathari and sumptuous prasadams were distributed to everyone who was fortunate to be present there.

The presence of many who are not only ‘Desika bhakthas’ but also ‘Desikapriyas’ who unmindful of the blazing sun and defying age do all possible kainkaryams to make the best possible celebrations is simply amazing. May Swami Desikan live another hundred years!

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal1 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal2 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal3 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal4 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal5 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal6 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal7 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal8 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal9 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal10 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal11 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal12 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal13 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal14 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal15 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal16






Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal24 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal25 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal26 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal27


Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal29 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal30 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal31 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal32 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal33 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal34 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal35 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal36 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal37




Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal41 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal43 Thiruthanka-Sri-Deepaprakasar-Perumal44

Photos: Sri Sundararajan & Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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