Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple – Vaikasi Brahmotsavam: Day 2


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Durmukhi Chitrai Swathi (Friday-20th April) was an eventful day at Kanchi Devaraja Perumal koil. The day began as early as 1.30 a.m. when irandam tirukappu took place. It was on the second day of Vaikasi Brahmhotsavam that Varadan came back to Kanchi after being hidden in some place near Tiruchi to prevent the Muslims from carrying away His archa Tirumeni. So a second ‘kaapu’ was performed and the tradition continues. After the irandam kaapu Varadan visits sannidhis in the first and second praakarams before mounting the ‘Hamsa-vahanam’.

Hamsa or the swan is believed to separate milk and water. It represents acharyas who are known as paramahamsas who remove the unwanted and give us the essence. They show us that saranagathi is the ultimate means for mukthi. As Varadan left the vahana mandapam clad in white at 4.00 am in the morning devotees ran with Him, and followed Him as far as they could, not satisfied in drinking His Soundaryam.

It being Nrisimha Jayanthi there was special Tirumanjanam for Yoga Nrisimha the original Perumal who resided in the caves of Kanchi before the incarnation of Varadaraja Perumal from Brahma’s agni-kundam.

In the evening  at 5.30 p.m. Varadan emerged in the middle of the golden ‘Suryaprabhai’ clothed in flowing orange silk vastram. Perumal has as one Eye Suryan and the other Chandran. The sun shines by His Command and He is the Activator of all gods. Every sunrise gives everybody the energy to work and makes us active.

At sunset Varadan went in purappadu in the Surya-prabhai vahanam reminding every brahmana to do sandhyavandam without fail. Devotees present listened to the beautiful instrumental music played before the screen was opened to reveal Him in 'Surya Prabhai' and watched Him leave in purappadu after the famous ‘Kanchi-Kullukal’.

Hamsa Vahanam

Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_10 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_03 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_05 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_08 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_00 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_11 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_06 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_01 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_02 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Hamsa_Vahanam_07


Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_02 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_04 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_06 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_05 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_00 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_01 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day2_Sooryaprabhai_03





Courtesy: Sri Krishna Durai & Sri Tirumundi Krishnan

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