Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Vaikasi Brahmotsavam – Day 8


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Durmukhi Vaikasi Uthiradam (May 26th 2016) was the eighth day of Vaikasi Brahmotsavam at Kanchi Sri Devaraja Perumal koil. Thotti Tirumanjanam took place at about 2.30p.m. This is known as Tirupadam jadi tirumanjanam. At about 1.00 p.m. regular Tirumanjanam took place for Varadaraja Perumal and His Ubhaya nachimars at ‘kanadi-arai mandapam’. After this the curtain was drawn for alamkaram. Meanwhile a huge silver vessel which was placed at the periphery was sanctified and parimalams like saffron were added.

After the alamkaram was over Perumal with kodali mudichu, shanku/chakram earings panchakaccham veshti and vadagalai tiruman was brought near the silver vessel and His Tirupadham was dipped in the water. Then ‘kaithala sevai’ took place. That is Perumal was carried by priests in their hands and raised up for everyone to see. Likewise one Ubhayanachimar after the other had Their Tiruvadi dipped in the vessel and were held up for all to see. Thousands of devotees had gathered and waited in line to go up and enjoy Perumal darsanam and get Theertham and Srisathari blessing. The crowd was managed well and the bhattar swamis inspite of their strain, patiently served theertham and Srisathari to everyone.

In the evening at about 6.30 Varadan left ‘kanadi-arai mandapam’ adorning a simple spotless white cotton turban with a diagonal gemstudded band and cool white veshti. He was taken to vahana mandapam where the golden horse was waiting to carry Devadirajan (The king of gods). Horse vahanam reminds one of Lord Hayagreeva whose grace makes one master of all vidhyas and have control over one’s speech. To come to the kudhirai-vahanam of Varadan, it is a beautifully crafted piece with etchings of bells along the neck and two front legs held up. The Divine Hunter with shield seated on the horse was on a hunting spree. He was hunting devotees for ‘atmasamrpanam’ To remind one of His Goal the Surrendering of Tirumangai mannan was enacted. Tirumangaiazhwar dressed in bright red with all finery followed Him. Somewhere near the crossing of Yathokthakari Sannidhi ‘Vedupari’ took place. At this juncture one should remember that Varadan is always a ‘Giver’. When Tirumangaimannan was jailed it was Varadan who came in his dream and revealed the spot where there was burried treasure. Perhaps this is the reason why the ‘Vedupari’ in Kanchi is kind of subdued when compared to Tiruvali or Srirangam. Tirumangaiazhwar did pradakshinam of Varadan and was presented with His malai and Srisathari. The Divya prabhandha goshti chanted the first pasuram of  ‘vadinen vaadi’ at this juncture. Tirumangaiazhwar returned to the temple while Varadan went on His way. At a spot in the vicinity of Ekambareswarar temple ‘yesal’ took place. Yesal means the speedy movement of Perumal riding the horse and is enjoyed by devotees. During ‘Yesal’ devotees make eye-contact with the ‘Divine Rider’ and surrender at His Feet. Perumal returned late at night and after harathi at Tondaradipodi was taken to ‘kanadi-arai’ for the night.


Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_14 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_02 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_10 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_09 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_12 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_01 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_13

Kudirai Vahanam

Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_06 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_08 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_11 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_04 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_05 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Day8_03

Photos: Sri Krishna Durai, Sri Tirumundi Krishnan, Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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