Swami Desikan – Samarpanam Of Pillaianthathi Malai At Thoopul Deepaprakasa Perumal Temple


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On May 26th at about 8.30 a.m. as adiyal was going to Kanchi Sri  Ahobila Muth for Abhigamana theertham and Srisathari there was a procession going to the right of the gopuravasal towards North Mada Veedhi. On enquiring a resident of Kanchi said she was not sure what purappadu was taking place. Since we were afraid of missing the Srisathari from srimadh azhagiasingar we moved to the muth. Perumal theertham, srisathari and prasada distribution were over when we heard the sound of tiruchinnam and rushed out. There mounted on the elephant sporting vadagalai tiruman was Ubha. Ve Satagopa Thathachariar swami holding on to a swarna malai which we learnt was the pillaianthathi malai. We spotted a gem-studded shanku pendant too. Chamaram was being waved by the swami sitting behind. Since Srimadh Azhagiasingar was performing samashrayanam and bharanyasam at that time He could not come out. Ubha.Ve. Ananthapadmanabhan swami came with the Muth’s red umbrella with hamsa motifs and vadagalai tiruman and held it above. The goshti chanted ‘Pillaianthathi’ and adiyal though far away could not stop chanting. As I walked along on the pavement overwhelmed, the goshti stopped at the gopuram entrance where Vadagalai satrumurai was chanted and from a distance I could not resist joining and when the portion ‘Vedantha Desikane onum oru nutrandu irum’ came the pitch grew high. Swami Desikan’s mangalam was said. After this the procession entered the temple premises and the ornaments were held up for the public to view.

Later we were told that the ornaments were offered in the presence of 46th Srimadh Azgaghiasingar Srimathe Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha yathindra mahadesikan at Thoopul. The ‘Pillaiyanthathi haram’. the golden uphaara samarpanam plate and the  Shankam dollar was first offered to Deepaprakasar, next to Maragathavalli Thayar and then to swami Desikan. The offering was made by SriKrishna DesikaYatiJeer of SriRanganatha Temple Pomona, New York. Swami Desikan lived by uncchavritthi and threw away the gold rice grains which people mixed with their rice alms so that he could live more comfortably but he asked his devigal to throw away the golden rice . Is it appropriate to load him with gold is a question posed by some? As shishyas we can never do enough for our Vedanthaguru. Even a mandapam of gold or a temple of gold is not enough for Thoopulkulamani who has left us so much wealth in the form of srisukthis and writings.

Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_05 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_06 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_01 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_02 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_04 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_03 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_07 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_08 Thoopul_Swami_Desikan_Samarpanam_of_Pillaianthathi_09

Photo Courtesy: Sri A S Santosh & Write – up -Smt. Vyjayanthi Rajan

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