Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple Aani Theppotsava Patrikai


Durmuki Varusham Vaikasi 29th to Aani Month 7th  (11.06.2016 to 21.06.2016) Sri Gopalan Aani Theppostavam started on 20.06.2016 (Monday) Evening 7.30 pm onwards. Theppostavam is to be conducted at Haridaranathi. All astikas are invited to participate in the Utsavam and receive the blessings of Sri Perumal.

 11.06.2016 Evening Mirtsangrahanam – Sri Senai Mudalvar Purappadu

12.06.2016 Dwajarohanam – Evening Sri Gopalan Purappadu along with Ubayanatchimars

13.06.2016 Morning Pallaku – Evening Thanga Surya Prabhai

14.06.2016 Morning Pallaku – Evening Velli Sesha Vahanam

15.06.2016 Morning Pallaku – Evening Thanga Garuda Sevai

16.06.2016 Morning Pallaku – Evening Velli Hanumantha Vahanam

17.06.2016 Morning Pallaku – Evening Yanai Vahanam

18.06.2016 Morning Palliayarai Sevai – Evening churnabishegam

19.06.2016 Morning Vennaithazhi Thirukolam – Evening Thanga Kudhirai Vahanam

20.06.2016 Night 7.30 pm onwards Theppotsavam at ‘Haridranathi’

21.06.2016 Morning Theerthavari – Evening Dwaja avarohanam

The following is the detailed Utsava Patrikai:

Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswami2 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswami3

Courtesy: Sri Uppili Srinivasan 

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