Arumbakkam Sri Satyavaradaraja Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam – Day 9


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As part of ongoing Brahmotsavam at Arumbakkam Sri Satyavaradaraja Perumal Temple, Day 9 Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner. On June 14th 2016, Theerthavari was performed for Sri Perumal with grand arulicheyal and veda parayana ghosti. Many devotees participated in the Theerthavari and received the blessings of Divyadampathis.

To view the previous days Utsavam please visit:

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_12 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_13 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_01 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_03 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_07 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_05 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_14 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_02 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_11 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_08 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_06 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_04 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_10 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_00 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_09 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_15 Arumbakkam-Sri-Satya-Varadaraja-Perumal_16

Courtesy: Sri Madavan Sridharan

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