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Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple – Thiruvaadipooram Day 5 & Day 6


On 2nd and 3rd August  2016, Thiruvaadipooram Day 5 & Day 6 was celebrated in Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple at Mannargudi. The following are  some of the photos taken during this occasion.

Day 5

Mannargudi_Sri_Rajagopalaswami_Temple_01 Mannargudi_Sri_Rajagopalaswami_Temple_02

Day 6

Mannargudi_Sri_Rajagopalaswami_Temple_03 Mannargudi_Sri_Rajagopalaswami_Temple_04 Mannargudi_Sri_Rajagopalaswami_Temple_05

Courtesy: Sri Sriraman Dhikshathar

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