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Villivalam Narayanarya Mahadesikan 100th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam


On the occasion of 100th Thirunakshathra Mahotsavam of Villivalam Peria Swamin, program has been arranged for FIVE DAYS with Four Vedas recital and Prabandha parayanam twice daily ( Morning and afternoon / Evening ) Also, in the afternoon Vidwat Sadas arranged from 12/08/2016 to 14/08/2016 .Upanyasam from 5.00 to 7.00 PM. Mahotsavam held at Sri Ahobila Mutt , Thiruvallikeni(Triplicane) Chennai 600 005.

The following are the photos taken during this occasion.

Day 1

Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_09 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_02 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_04 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_03 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_05 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_06 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_07 Villivalam_Narayana_Mahadesikan_100th_Thirunakshathram_08


Courtesy: Sri Rajagopalan

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