Avani Sravanam At Thoopul Divya Desam


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Durmukhi Avani Sravanam(August 17th 2016) Swami Desikan came in purappadu at about 9.00 a.m. to the Mada Veedhis of Varadaraja Perumal koil. Everyone was happy to see Kavitharikka Simham, Sarvathanthra Swatantran Thoopul Desikan blessing them at their doorstep. The old and the infirm were particularly grateful to have Desika Darsanam on the first day of Avani. So we will have another Sravanam at the end of Avani. 

At Thoopul divyadesam Sravana Tirumanjanam took place at about 10.30 a.m. and fortunate were those who were present during this period to enjoy the Soundaryam of DeepaPrakasar with Shriya and Vasuda and Thoopul Pillai at Their Feet. As milk, curds, honey, raw coconut, turmeric and sandal paste offerings were made devotees had their eyes fixed on The Deities. After Tirumanjanam,  Theertham, Srisathari and fruits were distributed. The curtains were drawn for alankaram after which sattrumurai took place followed by Perumal Theertham and Srisathari and prasada distribution.

At Sri Parakala Muth Thoopul special archanai was done on the occasion of Hayagriva Jayanthi for Hayagriva.

 The following are the photos taken during this occasion.

Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_00 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_01 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_02 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_03 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_04 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_05 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_06 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_07 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_08 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_09 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_10 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_11 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_12 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_13 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_14 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_15 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_16 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_17 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_19 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_20 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_21 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_22 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_23 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_24 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_25 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_26 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_27 Thoopul_avani_Sravanam_28

Courtesy: Sri Sundararajan & Writeup: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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