Publication Of Book For Bashyakaarar Millennium Kaingaryam Appeal




As we know, our “Jagadhacharyan” Sri Bashyakarar’s millennium (Thirunakshatram) is falling on forthcoming Chithirai Thiruvaadhirai and it is our prime duty to celebrate it in a grand and fitting manner.

The “Thiruvaheendrapuram Vadakalai Srivaishnava Sabha” is planning to celebrate Sri Bashyakarar millennium in a grand way. One of the activities planned is publication of a book.

The proposed book will contain the following works:

1. Sri Bhagavadh Geethai (moolam)

2. Alavandaar’s GeethArtha Sangraham

3. Swami Desikan’s GeethArtha Sangraha Rakshai

4. Sri Bashyakarar’s Geetha Bashyam

5. Swami Desikan’s ThAthparya Chandhrikai

6. Sri U Ve. Madhuranthakam Swami’s GeethArtha Sangrah a Rakshai – Tamil Transliteration

7. Sri U Ve. Chetlur Swami’s ThAthparya Chandrikai – Tamil Transliteration

This is a rare combination book, which will reflect our Bakthi towards Sri Alavandar, Sri Bhashyakarar and Swami Desikan, forming the Great Acharya Paramparai.

The expected budget is Rs. 9 Lacs for the project. (Rs. 3 Lac per volume containing 6 cantos of Sri Bhagavadh Geethai)

I request you all to help our endeavor by contributing to SathSampradayam and also by letting your near and dear ones’ know of this project.

The bank account details are as below:

Account Name: Thiruvaheendrapuram Vadakalai Srivaishnava Sabha

Account No: 34528800289

IFS Code: SBIN0011719

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: Sriram Nagar Branch, Chennai


If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact any of the below persons:

Shri. D Aravamuthan +91 979 093 8803

Shri. C Srikanthan +91 996 206 8867

Shri. TS Kannan +91 967 714 0860

Shri. K MalolaKannan +91 984 047 7939

Shri. TSP Sridharan +91 950 001 4113


Thanks in advance for all your help and your support to retain values of SathSampradayam.


Courtesy : Srikanthan

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  1. This book is a mandatory one for all Vishitaadhwaitha followers. It is said that every Sri Vaishvana house shall have Saalagramam, a Bhagavadh Geethai book and a holy cow.

    This book will be a more apt suitable one for that.


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